Training on the arrival of patients

Patient's readiness to perform a sleep test


   1The patient will be admitted to the sleep clinic one night at 22:00 until 8:00 am

    Sleep medications are discontinued one week before the test .2

    Shaving chest and legs for men.3

   Make a bath before the test.4

   Having a sleeping bag that the patient feels comfortable with.5

    The patient will have personal pillows and sheets if they wish.6

.The presence of the patient at the Clinic of Clinical Hospital is mandatory at 22:30. (The presence of one person is optional).

After the patient's preparation, the nurse performs the sleep test for 8 hours.8

    Tomorrow night, the test is checked by Dr. Khazaee at the sleep clinic and then given to the patient.9

                 If the patient has a sleep disorder, you must return to the sleep clinic 2 months later

       Six months after the test, if the patient has a sleep disorder, the patient's sleep status will be re-examined.