Research unit and sleep clinic

The research center for sleep disorders is one of the few centers equipped with advanced diagnostic and treatment equipment concerning the sleep disorders located in the Farabi hospital at western part of the country in Kermanshah. This center is provided with modern equipment  including Poly Somno Graphy and actigraphy in order to diagnose and evaluate various types of sleep disorders. Individuals with disorders including Insomnia, oversleeping, narcolepsy, sleep apnea, or with movement disorders during sleep, circadian rhythm disorders in awakening dream, seizures during sleep, Somnambulism, sleep terror disorder, nightmares can be referred to this center for accurate diagnostic evaluation and treatment.


     Sleep medications will be discontinued a week before performing the test.

    The hair should be shaved in the area of chest and leg for men.

     Bathe is required before performing the sleep test

     The pajamas with which the patient feel conformable is required.

5    The patient is allowed to bring his pillow and bed linen with which he/she feels comfortable (if he/she desires).

6.     The patients   must be preset in sleep clinic at 22:30 p.m. (having an attendant is optional)

After the patient is read, the nurse starts the sleep test for eight hours.

     The day after the night, the results will be presented by Dr. Khazaei either in the clinic or in his office.

9.     The patient should be referred to the sleep  clinic or Dr. Khazaei’s office, two months after in order to be checked if the symptoms of sleep disorder are raised again.

10                       Six month after performing the test, the sleep status should be examined if the patient is diagnosed with sleep disorder again.