farabi  hospital has been built in 1981 in a land of 120000 square meters. Its first  was Central psychiatry  kermanshah The purpose of establishing this hospital was to care for psychiatric patients who could not afford to care for themselves

This center consisted of neurology and psychiatry parts as well as multiple Paraclinical units that the unit for Sleep Disorders Clinic currently has the official license to provide the services to the international patients


The first choice of every patient in the western parts of the country  and  the neighboring countries as well as the leading and excelled feature in providing psychiatry and neurology services in the country.

Patient’s rights

    The patient has the right to expect the appropriate and effective treatment  as quickly as possible, from the treatment team with full respect regardless of ethnic, cultural, religious f    

    The patients has the right to be aware of the place for hospitalization, the doctors, nurses and other members of the treatment group    

                            The patient has the right to request the necessary information from the doctor concerning the process of diagnosis, treatment and disease progression either individually or by one of his/her relatives, so that this should not lead to the  delays in treatment or life-threating factors of the disease     

         The patient has the right to receive the necessary information concerning the potential consequences or the use of other method  at his understanding before the examination and implementation of treatment and to participate in selecting the final method of treatment  

       The patient has the right to announce his/her consent about the final results of the treatment or the reference to other medical center if he/she desires and not threating the health of the individual in the society according to the Legal standards  

       The patient has the  right to be ensured of the confidentiality of medical content, the results of clinical examinations and consultations (except when the legal duties of treatment group will be announced) in order to protect his/her privacy   

     The patient has the right to be ensured of the secrecy of physicians, and other members of your treatment team against those who are not involved clinically in the treatment process unless he/she permits   

   The patient has the right to be ensured of  his/her access to the physician and other main members of the treatment group during hospitalization, transition and after being discharged   

     The patient has the  right to announce his/her personal consent by acquiring full details of educational and research activities affecting on his/ her health and treatment or to refuse to continue the cooperation during the research     

  The patient has the right to be aware of the tariff-rates and service insurance coverage and the skills of the treatment group if it was required to be referred to another medical center to continue the treatment